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write for us 3_blackbkThe theory behind TRP is simple – REAL People.  REAL Solutions.  We all are “life or relationship coaches” in a sense.  While there are those that are more effective coaches than others, it doesn’t mean that less effective coaches have nothing valuable to say.  We all have insight that we can provide to others.

If you feel your thoughts and experiences should be shared with others then TRP wants to give you the opportunity to share it, through article submission.  You can write a “how-to” article, share your general thoughts, and/or express your relationship thoughts in an “online diary” – the choice is yours.  You’re the “coach”.  You come up with your own game plan.

You can email your articles to: articles@relationshipplaybook.com

TRP has several sections:

  • Dating
  • Relationships
  • Personal Development
  • Family
  • Sex

Before you submit your article, please make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • Article submitted as a Word doc.
  • Between 400 – 800 words.
  • Contains at least two images that correspond to article.  Send the images as separate attachments.
  • Include your personal hyperlink to whatever site you’d like people to contact you at.  Your name will be hyperlinked to that site.

You’re free to post and/or publish your articles in any other medium you choose; however, once published TRP has the right to keep it on its site(s) until it decides to remove them.  Not all submissions will be published – incomplete, offensive, or otherwise deemed inappropriate submissions will not be published.  TRP reserves the right to edit the submissions for length or content.

If you have any questions email: articles@relationshipplaybook.com

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