Here’s the motivation behind TRP, your Here what others have said about The Relationship Playbook…

“TRP, today, I just want to profess my love for this page. I came across this page by accident. At first, I would just stop by every now and then and spy, to get a feel for the page. And, I liked what I saw and one day decided to join in and post one of my many quotes. And as they say, the rest is history, now this page is a part of my daily routine. Mainly because, I’m a loner and keep to myself and really don’t discuss my relationships and sex life with other folks. So here, I get to learn from others, and I have learned a lot from the different viewpoints and personalities. It has made me a bit more open minded about relationships and welcoming to trying different approaches. And that includes sex Saturdays, lol, I don’t say a lot on sex Saturdays but trust, I read and take mental notes. And I have certainly used some of what I’ve learned and had positive results, So TRP family, love y’all and keep up the great work.:)” – Yolanda Jackson

“I really enjoy TRP! The discussion topics are good & the comments are even better! A person can learn a lot from this page if they just read & look at things with an open mind…Keep up the good work TRP!” – LaTonya Wilson-Brooks

“Today was fun…I was reading it and telling my hubby the posts(he’s in Iraq) We had the most laughs and fun on the phone with yall. Thanx TRP friends!!” – Chanel Miller-Price

“When I came upon this page, I held no expectations. I held no judgement of any kind. I allowed myself the ability to truthfully keep an open mind as I embarked on what would become an interesting & pleasurable experience, to say the least. The “people” of TRP are fun teachers who seem to never disappoint. Thank you for your contribution.” – Beverly Larson

“Thank u so much for that inspirational and encouraging article (it had me in tears)! You said so much of what ive felt, but cldnt put into words. Tho I had to shed a few tears, I feel so much better now (((HUGS)))! Thank u TRP!!!” – LaRonda Paden

“GDM TRP, just want to say that this site has opened my eyes to look inside myself and get out things that iv’e been holding in. If there another way for me to cash in my votes for this wonderful site please direct me to it!” – Sylvester Sanders

“Just when I thought Facebook was so boring I discovered TRP and I’m loving it. The topics are always so good and I actually learn from some of the situations discussed. Thank you Relationship Playbook, this is def. one of my favorite pages.” – Deon Kookie Morris

“I’ve been a fan for a few months and I’ve learned so many new words and so many other ways of solving relationship problems. I’m still waiting to get my laptop so i can play along on the stuff on the discussion board. – Valerie Lovesherfourkids Davis

“I was on the verge of deleting my Facebook but I find that TRP has really valuable information and I learnt a lot from here. It’s good to know that we can cone here and give our opinions and advice and have an insight as to what other people think and feel. I will say that TRP has given me hope that true LOVE still exists out there. I have become very addicted to this site and hearing everyones love story makes me excited for when I fall in love and he is in love with me.. In due time but for right now I have to work on myself and love myself before I can love someone else.  ” – JodiAnn Bennett

“One of fab pgs also. i love the topic. I’ve learn a lot that has actually worked lol. i ♥ the access to the pg on my phone……I’m in T.R.P. heaven lol” – Lakesha Clarke

“I am really diggin this page. I invited like 50 of my friends.” Rahshad Williams

“Thank you! I viewed the post this morning and I really appreciate the response.   Also, I think TRP is great and I have received valuable information from the postings, questions, etc.  Keep up the good work!” – Patrice T

“I just had to send you a message letting you know that I have and is enjoying your blogtalkradio program. I am fairly new to Relationship Playbook and when I found the podcasts, I became hooked. Be blessed and continue to let God lead you.” –  Ann Lee

“Guys this was powerful!! Really.  For the questions women always ask of what men REALLY want, u guys answered it clearly.  Thank u!! Love all of u!!! For the last year or so, my husband and I have been separated. I’m going back to work on my marriage because I can see how I didn’t appreciate how that man loved me and what he tried to show me. I focused on what I needed, not what he could bring and add to my life. MY GOD! MY GOD!!!”   ~Naicole Robinson

“This blog is so helpful to people. As you read comments, you can feel their comments are full of negative feelings. Thank you guys for taking our trash, transforming it to something helpful and useful to all of us. You guys are amazing(real talk)…” – Dominic Clay


“TRP…u guys are offically family!! My mom just called and said “its Sex Saturday what they say check hurry up!!” I have got to get her a fb page!! – Chanel Miller-Price

“TRP is so informative and yet funny as hell in its delivery of everyday information…It’s good to know I’m not “the only one” on a lot of these topics… Thanks for the forum: – Stacy Wade

“Thank you so much for coming out with this site. It feels great to vent and see that you’re not only with the topics that you put up. I love this site!!! Thanks TRP!” – Chai Nichole

“I’ve spent quite a few months observing this site-cuz that’s my thing, OBSERVING-and although I had only been observing, I found myself checking in EVERY day, (just making sure the MATURITY is here…lol) asnd what I’ve discovered is an essence of maturity, diversity and most of all, LOVE…It’s made me feel comfortable to open up more, wanting to be “A PART OF”!!! I want to thank you ALL-Administrators AND especially, the members-for making US all, feel like we’re WELCOMED…and you all do it so effortlessly, like we’ve ALWAYS been a part of the FAMILY!!! Thank you!!!” – Jerrilyn Washington

“Love the forum where we can speak from our own experience or that of a friend. Every day is an opportunity to learn or do something better. Thanks for being.” – Sara Nunez Logan


“Of course I am emotionally available…I’m here on TRP everyday…learning more and more about myself….I will never 100% all of the time….but 100% of the time I will be mindful of my flaws and availability issues and continue to work on them.” – Sandra Bowles Johnson

“I really enjoy the topics and the feedback from everyone. I will continue to help keep this group going. I need advice from everyone!” – Sylvester Sanders

“Sylvester Sanders reminded me of what I wanted to update….I PASSED THE 50 MARK ON Keeping it 100!!!!! TRP is knocking on 20,000 fans and it’s an awesome place to talk, learn and get to know some interesting folks!!! Tell your friends to get with my friends and we can be friends!!!…LOL It’s FUN FRIDAY people Beverlyis counting down to SS and we’re going to laugh our way to the weekend ♥ y’all….” – Aja Joi Snowden

Sex Addict“‎*in my AA voice*(alcohol anonymous) my name is Ebony and I am addicted to TRP Saturday’s…love TRP Saturdays!” The best part of the week! I feel sorry for the man I do get next… All the stuff I have learned!- Ebony Dorsey

“Hi Ebony, thanks for sharing! My name is Delishia and I am addicted to TRP Saturdays too! Lol” – Delishia Anderson

“hi Ebony, Delishia, nice to meet you! my name is Wendee, but I’m not addicted *scratching arms and neck* to TRP Saturdays *getting the shakes* at all! I can put it down *going thru TRP DTs* anytime I want.. welcome!! Lol” – Wendee Glover Richmond

“Hey Ebony, Delisha,Wendee. Nice too met u ladys. I too am addicted to Trp Saturday, n im proud to say im here looking for pointer n getting my next fix.” – Lakesha Clarke

“Hi everyone my name is Shannon and Im am a proud member of TRPaholics anonymous. Love the experience strength and hope I get from all of you. And will definitely keep coming back!” – Shannon Swafford Hall

“Hi Ebony…Delishia….Wendy and Lakesha….My name is Sherise and I too am addicted to TRP Saturdays…I have it so bad that I work every Saturday and I go in the bathroom to get updates on my phone….lol” – Sherise Yvonne Simmons

“Unfortunately there is no 12 step program to divest yourself of this affliction. Any attempt to devise such a program will be thwarted, discredited and generally shat upon. Please meditate and come to terms with the fact that your addiction is permanent.” – Basee


“Good Morning TRP, I would like to say thank you! Thank you for all the advice, words of wisdom and inspiration. Thanks Nic, WW, Basee, Angel Mo & Luvo, you guys always seem to be on point with your advice & you make this place enjoyable.” – Deon Kookie Morris

“Thanks to the Fellas for telling me how it really is and what it means when a man do certain things or act a certain way, and thanks to the ladies for telling me what not to do and when it’s the right time to leave. Thanks for making this place fun & educational. I have already started implementing some of the things i learned here like: “what to do if my cut buddy is waiting outside and I brought someone home from the club” or “how to use breath mints, Listerine strips, halls cough drops & pineapple juice”. Thanks everyone!”

“I agree 100% Deon. This fan page & all the ppl involved have helped me so much in my current “relationship” & has helped me 2 let go of the past. I ♥ u guys….I get a lot of laughs 2 :-)! Keep up the good work every1!” – Felecia Morris

“Yeah in about 25 minutes I’ll be leaving work, then it’ll be about an hour b4 I get home. Texting while driving might be illegal, but TRPing while driving is not” – Deon Kookie Morris

“I am loving it too girl. i am at home, giving myself a facial/spa day. and reading up on TRP. I am gonna miss it when i go to the gym. well i guess i have 3G on my phone. LOL” – Valentina Sims

“I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH fellas for your input. I have learned so much from you guys. Your input was well noticed by the females that actually wanted to learn something without posting anything. I believed that sometimes you guys really want to be heard but some females just don’t know how to STFU. Anyways thanks so much and I learn that I need to sometimes STFU for when I am in a relationship.” – JodiAnn Bennett

“Today’s threads were awesome! Thank you to the men who answered the questions (I wish there were more *sigh*). It was nice to just go through them with my husband to his viewpoint. I really learned a lot and, for me, it was confirmation of who my husband is and what I have.” – Tracey AlmostThere McMichael

“Thank you Will, Basee, Luvologist, Angel Mo and Nic. You guys are really opening and changing minds on a daily basis. God bless.” – Nora Smith

“By far, this is my favorite facebook page! With each visit, I trust that I am about to experience a “teachable moment”, enlightening point of views, clarification, entertainment feuds, laughter, etc.! BIGGGGG Ups to the individuals behind the scene(s) of Relationship Playbook!” – Teresa Wilhite

Thank YouI just wanted to say thank you so much for responding to my question! I truly appreciated the advice from Nic and all of the positive, uplifting comments that people gave (while ignoring the negative ones!). I read and took everything to heart and I am making a promise to myself to LOVE MYSELF. I accept that this is still a work in progress, but I know that I can and will overcome this! Thanks! – Kristyn B.

“Yea, I’ve been foolowing you guys for sometime now and you are truly inspiring. Not only the forum that yall offer but the insight as well. I usually don’t comment but I do appreciate the page and the opportunity to read and grow. P.s. I regularly status jack yall quotes and comments! Lol!” – Sean Mcneil

“It helps people, regardless of race, economic status deal with one common denominator – relationships. It gives us all a variety of approaches that we may not have considered previously. I enjoy TRP and the topics.” – Alyce Herndon

“Instead of my few friends, now I can option to view/listen to over 18k chime in on an issue. Kudos!” – Alyce Herndon

“I must say that I enjoy the page and although I rarely comment the info amd feedback is enlightening…” – Ta’Nikki Graham


“I been with u all since about 2500 fans and I love how you have formatted your page to let others have incite on different points of views from different people. I commend TRP for making a difference in other’s lives as well as my own. You are an inspiration to alot of people who sometimes just need to know that they are not alone in their thinking and beliefs.. Keep growing and stay encouraged.. ;O) jus sayin – Sylvester Mike Rowan


“Well I’m a newbie only a few months as part of the TRP family and I just love the the content, style, and maturity of the group overall. I’ve belonged to other groups but some how TRP is so different. I don’t know how you did it.” – Karen Brown-Stovell

“I LOVE THIS PAGE!!!! I love reading posts/comments from people that I can relate to…and even better reading posts/comments that offer differing viewpoints. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my feelings regarding relationships.”- Sandra Bowles Johnson

“I love this page too! I’ve just been here a couple of months, but I have always enjoyed the topics and dialogue. This is the Internet and people will sometimes hide behind their computers and talk a bunch of mess they would never say to anybody’s face…..but that is a given. For the most part, people on here are pretty cool and this is my favorite FB page! ” – Virlanda Miller

“I just got on yesterday and I love it already thanks” – Shannon Holman


“Yes, I agree with everyone else, I stumbled upon it some time ago and invited another friend to check it out, and I believe several of them(my friends) came over as a result. And it is my favorite page on FB, and met some Very Wonderful people as a result. Can’t wait till the cruise.” – Yvonne Finney


“This page is allows you to see and learn so much about the overall current consensus of peolpe’s hearts, minds, spirits, and moral compasses.” – Andre Polk

“For me it’s free counseling :). This is better than going to see a shrink, here I get many different advice/insight instead of just one, I don’t have to make an appointment and it’s TOTALLY FREE!!!” – Deon Kookie Morris

”I find it to be a great way of discovering how to open up the lines of communication-and learn to have respect for other’s point of view on any given subject-and at the same time broaden your overall perspective on various issues-I’ve also made many friends here-even if we aren’t agreeable on every topic.” – Nolando Mcbarkly

“Hey Everyone.::Taps Mic:: I have something to say.::Clears Throat:: I just want to Thank You TRP and the FANS for teaching me a lot on here. I am finally able to let go of the person that I fell in love with who never felt the same about me. I am finally able to move on and now I am much more happier with my life. Justthe thought about me moving on makes me all jolly inside.. I know that my true love will come along and when he does I will be able to give him my all.. Awww Love. It makes you feel all good inside. ♥♥♥” – JodiAnn Bennett