When The Past Comes Knocking

The past comes knocking on a reader’s door as he contemplates the motives of an ex. Facing a common dilemma, he has to figure out how the best way to handle the situation. What would you do?

Engagement Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations the winners of our 2014 Engagement Photo Contest – Evona and Jamar – engaged September 5, 2013

Tired of Being Tired

What do you do when you are tired of being hurt, but you are also tired of being alone? Is it possible for your head to forget long enough so that your heart can be opened up to love again?

That’s What Friends Are For?!?

If you know a friend is in a bad relationship, what advice should you give them, if any? Do you tell them what you really think or let them figure things out for themselves?

Then and Now

A reader comes back into contact with someone that she’s known since she was OK. Is their past connection worth looking past his current red flags?