Health benefits of video games

Instead of dreading the phrase, “Baby, I’m going to play video games,” you’ll learn to appreciate these benefits of your man playing video games and maybe even choose to join in on the fun.

Mixed Signals

All is fair in love and war right?? What happens when a reader is confronted with the aspect of being exclusive with someone who is exclusively single.

Timing IS Everything

A father would like advice on what to say to his little girl to help her understand divorce and answers to the questions “Daddy do you still love my Mommy? Do you still love daddy, mommy?”

The NBA of “Dudes”

To commemorate NBA All-Star Weekend, I’m going to compare the categories of the different type of men to current NBA All-stars.

Sexual Tension

A male reader is puzzled… How can he and his girl get it on like rabbits… then out of the blue have a spell when they hardly sleep together… and when they do he’s told he’s wasting her time because he is delaying his orgasm. What is a man to think?