You don’t deserve love

If you take care of your business, are a good person, and have the qualities that attract others, what can’t you seem to find love? Don’t you deserve to find love?

Love is a choice

A simple but important concept that many have difficulty understanding is the difference between falling in love and being in love. Falling in love is that unexplainable feeling of euphoria you get when you first start to really get into someone…

There is Hope

Domestic Violence

Verizon is committed to helping the nearly one in four women, one in seven men and more than 3 million children in the United States affected by domestic violence. We’re doing our part to end this epidemic by collecting no-longer-used wireless phones and accessories and turning them into support for domestic violence organizations nationwide. Through…


How do you get over someone that you know is no good and has no interest in you, but he can do things to you in bed that no one else has?

Where’s Maury

A reader doesn’t understand why her boyfriend is denying the existence of their child to everyone – including his own family.