Change or Die

When we are discussing relationships, we are continuously using the word “change.” “If he would only ‘change,’…” “She tried to ‘change’ me…” “I couldn’t ‘change’ my…to make it work…” “She inspires me to ‘change’…” However, with my years of experience in dealing with different personalities, I know that most of what we can learn about…

Mixed Bag

Life is a mixed bag of relationships, one thing they all have in common… is you!

Distorted Reality

Has the Southern Belle mystique been killed off by so called Reality TV? Has Atlanta lost it’s status as a black man’s heaven in regards to its women?

Our Daughters

Are we conscious of the way our daughters are being raised? Who wants to take on the complex issue of raising little girls to be women? Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

A Good Man

The definition of a good man varies according to the needs of the person giving the description.