Parenting….Lord have mercy.

Let’s just be real, shall we?  Parenting is not for punks. It was only when I became a parent that I understood the hardships of my parents. When we become parents that is when we realize that it is not a matter of how much we will %$#@ up our children…it is a matter of…

Generation Me

Can we learn to take the focus off ourselves and learn to take an interest in others?

Getting Ahead of Ourselves….

Fan Response: I met this guy at church and I instantly was attracted to him. He was very quiet and shy toward me. He just stared all the time and kept working. I played the friendly role (regular conversation, joking) for a while and then I looked him up on facebook and found his name….

Dueling Personalities

Can Introverts and Extroverts survive in relationships?

Three Most Powerful Words……

This post will not be a difficult one, a  long one and it will not be a particularly deep one. This post is simply about 3 very POWERFUL words: Get Over It. Of course this sounds easier than it looks.  There are situations in which you can tell yourself these three very powerful words.  And…