Face Value

Of all things your partner could say to you there are many things you should take serious. But then again there are many things you should ignore and not take at face value. Here is a couple to wrap your mind around, it’s geared for the fellas. But I’m sure it apply to the ladies too.

What Makes Her The One?

Many women consider themselves to be the perfect girlfriend? They do everything in their power to please and gain his affection – cook his meals, clean the house, wash his clothes, give him sex on demand – and be his all-around nice girl. We all know someone that has been that woman and yet she was dumbfounded as to why she never got a ring – especially when she finds out later that he ended up marrying someone else.

Old School vs. New School….and the Love Dilemma.

I have no lie to tell……I come from royalty. Seriously. The women in my family are Queens. And my grandmother and her sisters were Queen Mothers. They are/were beautiful, funny, intelligent—AND VERY OLD SCHOOL!!  Let me just say that this is both a blessing and a curse!!  It is a blessing when I listen to…

The Mystery of the Elusive Happiness…and The Big Piece of Chicken

Psychotherapists recently released a list with the TOP 15 Things that Happy Couples do differently. It was an interesting list….What with all the long faces and bitching/moaning I hear about  relationships you would think it would be a very technical and FANCY list. It was not.  Here is the list along with my witty commentary:…

What’s In A Title?

How important is having a title to you? Some consider it a non negotiable thing, but what exactly does it provide? There are several ways to get assurance in your relationship. You can do them with or without the title, find out how.