Playbook Report Sept. 2012

Another summer has come to close which for many means the end of summer vacations… children working your nerves being in the house all day.  It also means the beginning of cuffing season when summer flings are replaced with the desired to be “booed up” during the fall and winter months. Side note: Speaking of…

You’re not doing it right..

Are you putting it down in the bed? How could you tell? You’re not doing it right unless your back looks like you called Wolverine a sissy. Among other things here are some sure-fire ways to know you laid it down in bed. Try one tonight with your partner!

The Pride Before the Fall…….

Recently, I read an article in Essence magazine in which a woman acknowledged that she and her married friends were nasty to their single friends by practicing three behaviors: They retaliated against single friends, who assumed that the married couples wanted some time together, by excluding them in activities. (The Ol’ Tit for Tat)  They…

TRP and Brownness Series nominated 2012 Black Weblog Awards

Vote for The Relationship Playbook as the Best Sex or Relationships Blog… Playbook Radio as Best Podcast… and The Brownness Series as the Best Beauty Blog for the 2012 Black Weblog Awards.

The Eyes Of A Child

Kids live life like it’s golden, need proof? Watch how your kids or kids in your family react to serious matters. Talk about don’t worry be happy? The eyes of a child sees the world thru a different lens than the cyncial lens adults do. It’s something to marvel at and they can teach us a thing or two. The