The Age Gap

Does dating get any easier once you’re past that 25+ hump? I used to think as we got older, and presumably wiser things would be easier right? Besides, with wisdom comes maturity and a host of other advantages. At least that’s what conventional wisdom tells us. Today’s dating scene is nothing but conventional however.

Stuck In A Rut

How much damage does stresses and complacency place on our personal relationships? With our burdens becoming heavier by the day, what’s the best way to reclaim your happiness. It may take more than a vacation to Vegas to do it. How would you get out of the rut?

No Strings Attached

If two people have an agreement to be friends with benefits, why would someone catch feelings? Is it OK to still want to continue having sex with the person knowing you do not want the same thing from them?

She Said, He Believes

A reader would like to know how should she handle the dilemma of her “ex” believing another woman’s lies over her truth. Should she approach the woman about the situation or let it go?

Romance Without Finance

How do you avoid becoming a financial statistic? You know, the ones you hear about divorcing due to money issues. Considering how high the divorce rate is in the U.S., what about avoiding money problems before you marry?