Love is Blind… Should It Also Be Color Blind

Interracial Relationships

In this day and age of online dating, a black president, and all of the other strides we have made into becoming an integrated society, is there still a major stigma attached to having “jungle fever”?

Getting Back In The Groove

Single folks! Been a while since you’ve been on a date? Wondering how to make a good impression and avoid date land mines? Follow a few key tips and it will greatly increase your chances at a second and avoid disaster..

Giving Thanks

This holiday season will you be the cliche consumer or lend a hand? An important question to consider: Why is that “Black Friday” is the only day in the season where “Black” is considered a good thing?

Health Benefits of Sex

Health Benefits of Sex

There are many health benefits to sex other than the sex itself. If you want to have a longer, healthier life then here’s why you should have sex more.

In Defense of Cougars

They Bite. They Claw. They Play Rough. But beneath this tough exterior lies a specimen perfected by evolution to reach peak libido as a last shot at reproduction.