Bad Credit: The Hidden Epidemic

In the dating arena, a bad FICO score, that’s what. Gentlemen, check your credit score before your next date, or else bad credit could have your potential mate jumping ship before the romance ever sets sail.

Enjoying Downtown

Here’s to making sure the trip downtown is a successful one. For the work guys put in down there, we deserve some comfort. Ladies, you gotta help us out here. Besides it’s to your benefit for us to enjoy the view!

Power of P.U.$.$.Y

Power of Pussy

What is it about that warm, wet, tight space between a woman’s legs that will cause men to lose their minds and do all types of foolish things? There are some that will lie… cheat… spend their money… ruin their families and otherwise good relationships… all in the pursuit of the snappy, nappy dugout.

Ride or Die: The Guidelines….

The idea of being a “Ride or Die” chick sounds all good…until you begin to ask what exactly are the parameters, rules, policies, regulations and procedures that govern the “Ride or Die.”

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Whether men know it or not, they don’t actually wear the pants in the family, we just LET them think they do. So, to make your marriage healthy and happy, it’s important you, as the woman, feel loved and happy in your marriage.