The Birds And The Bees

How did you first learn about sex and how babies were made? Was it that embarrassing talk you had with your dad? Or was it via the stern warnings from mom? Why you should have a talk with your kids about the birds and bees.

Take Me As I Am

What makes someone think they possess the skill to do something that other people themselves can’t do? If you ponder on that you’ll realize the uphill battle one faces by trying to “change” someone.

6 First Date Tips

On a first date, nerves are high and both partners are left guess working their way through sensitive territory. It is unusual for a first date to be perfect, but there are a few tips that help you avoid an absolute disaster with no hope of salvaging it. Take heed, and date on!

Third Date Cassanova

There’s no simple formula for getting a girl to like you, but most people share some similar traits — compliments of human nature — that can help you navigate the waters of dating. From learning from her signals to knowing what’s right for both of you, you explore and finesse your Casanova side.

Setting the tone..

Why is it important to keep your sexual cards to the chest? So you can hit her the “Melvin” later, that’s why. An unexpected storm is always harder to prepare for than the predictable rain.