Moving in together? Read this first.

Cohabitation is not a leap you should take lightly, so before you start scouring the apartments for rent section, packing up those boxes and settling under one roof together, give some serious thought to what it means to live with someone.

Building Blocks

By: Nick Campbell What are the building blocks to a successful marriage? I know it’s subjective, but think about what makes you tick. With divorce rates hovering around 40-50 % I think it’s safe to say we should give some thought to marrying the right way. Some pretty important steps to consider? Life goals, finances, education,…

5 Reasons Couples with Pets Are More Likely to Stay Together

If you’re on the fence about getting a pet with your significant other, consider the effects on your relationship longevity. According to the U.K.’s Marriage Foundation, a joint pet is a better indicator that a relationship will last than a child…

Dumb Mistakes People Make Online When Dating

Nothing is sacred in the world of dating. Every photo, text message, IM and voicemail you send to your sweetheart is potential ammunition for revenge or humiliation if and when you break his or her heart.

Ditch The List

Does every person fit into this “mold” that we think will satisfy us? Can we pass our own stringent guidelines? Beware of those potential mates who look good on paper, but lack in substance.