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Sex Health Tips

Good information and good advice.

Let’s get to the point now.

Your health and your sex life are both in your hands.

A few simple changes in what you do and what you eat can make a big difference.

It’s time to become the person you want to be.

It’s time to regain your health.

Reduce your risk of Heart Disease and diabetes.

Losing weight and exercising will bring a positive change to both your body and your mind.

The mind and the body are connected. Our mind is literally “running” our bodies.

Good health is dependent on both of these processes working together.

Between diet and exercise you can make a real difference to your sex life.

In just a few months you’ll feel like the sex underwear is going to fit you.

You’ll look forward to your sex instead of savoring the couch.

You’ll be turned on at “wiggle” night and not just tired.

Sex is not all in your head! EVERYONE knows what it takes to get in shape, but it’s getting in your head that’s the tricky part.

Here are a few tips that will help you get started.

These are not hard to implement steps, but sometimes it helps to have a comprehensive strategy.

Making a plan takes time.

You may be a resource person, but your head is a very slow poundage.

You must use the serves as a tool to accomplish your goals.

You need direction and a specific plan of action to stay “running”.

You are not the coach. This is not about telling yourself what to do.

You’re important enough to take control.

You CAN do whatever you put your mind to.

Back to your sex life.

You need to make important changes to your diet.

These changes must include healthy(ish) eating.

You cannot lose weight doing the wrong things.

You must eat a whole new way.

Add cardio and weight training to your routine.

Cardio should be done everyday. 3 times a week.

Do something different.

Its too easy to get bored and lose interest.

Your body values will change your lifestyle.

Staying motivated all the time is important.

Making the choice to eat healthy brings a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Now is the time to change your life.

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