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The magic number isn’t 69

A common question women have when dating is how long should she wait before having sex with a guy? Some “experts” say 90 days… others say 10 dates… others say a few weeks. How do you know when the time is right?


Jocelyn Mills

About Jocelyn…creator of Brownness Series™: Jocelyn is living, breathing proof that a “can-do” approach to life provides a person with a rich and memorable experience. Teacher, school principal, entrepreneur, athlete, daughter and, most importantly, mother, are but a few hats she has worn over her life, with some hats being worn at the same time….

Count Your Blessings

We are conditioned to allow the things that cause us discomfort to over shadow the blessings that we get.


Decoded by Jay z Cover

A candid memoir on the life of and rhymes of Jay-Z

The Four Agreements

The four agreements

A simple yet effective code of personal conduct