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Early Planning For Your Proposal

Engagement Ring

When it comes to planning a proposal, most people think first about two very important things: when to pop the question, and how to word it. Here are a few other things you’ll have to think about as you approach the major milestone of engagement.

From Wedding Aisle to Laundry Pile: Continue to Connect After You Say ‘I Do’

Just because the honeymoon phase is over doesn’t mean you should give up on romance. It’s not all wedding cake eating and carefree partying after the wedding, so connect with the one you love after you say “I Do.”

5 Ways to keep the romance in your marriage

A common complaint in marriage is that it lacks the spontaneity and excitement of dating. Mundane tasks and routine schedules can lead a husband and wife to feel like their relationship is missing the spark it once had. Here are 5 tips to keep the romance alive

Ride or Die: The Guidelines….

The idea of being a “Ride or Die” chick sounds all good…until you begin to ask what exactly are the parameters, rules, policies, regulations and procedures that govern the “Ride or Die.”

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Whether men know it or not, they don’t actually wear the pants in the family, we just LET them think they do. So, to make your marriage healthy and happy, it’s important you, as the woman, feel loved and happy in your marriage.