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Create a Bedroom Staged for Cuddling

Love may conquer all, but it doesn’t hurt to stack the odds in your favor. Encourage that special someone to throw caution to the wind by inviting him into the sanctuary of a bedroom that’s warm, dimly lit, and full of cozy corners for snuggling.

Moving in together? Read this first.

Cohabitation is not a leap you should take lightly, so before you start scouring the apartments for rent section, packing up those boxes and settling under one roof together, give some serious thought to what it means to live with someone.

5 Reasons Couples with Pets Are More Likely to Stay Together

If you’re on the fence about getting a pet with your significant other, consider the effects on your relationship longevity. According to the U.K.’s Marriage Foundation, a joint pet is a better indicator that a relationship will last than a child…

Connect on the Open Road

A motorcycle trip can be a great way to connect with your future spouse to determine if you have what it takes to make a marriage work.

Relationship Lessons from HIMYM

As you spend the rest of your summer reviewing your DVDs to once again experience all the triumphs and defeats of this group’s adventures in love, as well as trying to imagine just how Ted will meet finally “the mother” in question, take note of the relationships that give you warm fuzzies, heebie jeebies or a fever for more.