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From the outside looking in

What should a person do if they feel like they are in a one-sided relationship? He requires things of her that he doesn’t require for himself. He holds her to a standard that he doesn’t even hold himself to. She does things for him that it seems he will never do for her. Should she even hope to get reciprocity one day from this man or is her relationship doomed?

It’s complicated

My boyfriend and I have a really tough relationship. We both disrespect each other when we argue. He calls me a bitch at all times and he has no boundaries on how he talks to me. We are currently on a ”break” but i think he wants us to be on a break so he can talk to other women.

He has no respect for anyone around him and I need help and advice on how to let go of a man like him I know in my heart that he is not the man for me .

One More Chance

How do I tell my wife that I’m sorry for everything I’ve done wrong? I’ve been away on business but I want to make it up to her and work things out. She is not even giving me a chance. Maybe she married me because of the children but I know she is my true love. So what to do?

Not Gonna Let You Mess It Up

What does a man do when he has to choose between saving face in front of his grown son or listening to his wife?

I’m tired of my relationship… I think

What do you do when you are so tired of a relationship or situation that you are in, but you care for the person and you just know that if you part from that person they are going to get involved with the wrong person and just get hurt…