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Getting Ahead of Ourselves….

Fan Response: I met this guy at church and I instantly was attracted to him. He was very quiet and shy toward me. He just stared all the time and kept working. I played the friendly role (regular conversation, joking) for a while and then I looked him up on facebook and found his name….

Three Most Powerful Words……

This post will not be a difficult one, a  long one and it will not be a particularly deep one. This post is simply about 3 very POWERFUL words: Get Over It. Of course this sounds easier than it looks.  There are situations in which you can tell yourself these three very powerful words.  And…

The Art of the “Uncomfortable” Conversation….

“The void created by the failure to communicate is soon filled with poison, drivel and misrepresentation.” The most important skill set of ANY relationship is communication.  Yet, I am willing to bet you $50 that in most relationships, particularly for men and women, it is the most under-developed, under-utilized skill. I would even be willing…

Uncomfortable Conversations…..With the Mirror.

Often, we must get REAL about our relationships. We must decide what we want, with no regard to anyone else; make a decision; and act accordingly.

Tough Choices

A fan is torn apart by a smothering boyfriend and an old flame who has reentered her heart. What should she do?