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Can You Stand the Rain…? Lessons in Endurance

Remember that New Edition joint back in the day…?  Can You Stand the Rain?  *Singing loudly and off key*  Sunny days- everybody loves them. Tell me, baby, can you stand the rain? Storms will come, this we know for sure. Can you stand the rain?….Love that song.  However as I have gotten older and wiser, I realize the…

5 Practices of Successful Couples

If you could identify some habits and practices of successful couples, what would they be? It’s surely not limited to five, I’m sure it could hit 50. My Top 5 is listed below, so let’s cover a few and take it from there..

Proceed with Caution…..You Ain’t Dr. Phil.

It is hard to give or receive relationship advice nowadays….though there is no shortage of people who like to give it.  This can create some very uncomfortable situations in your relationships with others. There should be some guidelines established for the giving and receiving of such advice.  Here are a few of my suggestions: The…

Getting down to the roots

A few months ago a fan was concerned about what her partner’s reaction would be if she took off her wigs and showed him her lack of hair underneath. She took your advice – here’s her latest update.

The Eyes Of A Child

Kids live life like it’s golden, need proof? Watch how your kids or kids in your family react to serious matters. Talk about don’t worry be happy? The eyes of a child sees the world thru a different lens than the cyncial lens adults do. It’s something to marvel at and they can teach us a thing or two. The