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I Said, “I Do”, Now What?

We have more training on learning how to ride a bike than we do on having a successful relationship. Instead of just giving advice, in this episode of Playbook Radio, we’re going to give you some practical tips you can use before you get married. Special guest, Dwayne Shigg, author of, Some things to know about marriage before you have a wedding.

What Makes Her The One?

Many women consider themselves to be the perfect girlfriend? They do everything in their power to please and gain his affection – cook his meals, clean the house, wash his clothes, give him sex on demand – and be his all-around nice girl. We all know someone that has been that woman and yet she was dumbfounded as to why she never got a ring – especially when she finds out later that he ended up marrying someone else.

What’s Wrong With Being Single

Whether it is by choice or circumstance, society tells you that your life is not fulfilled and complete until you find your Mr. or Mrs Right. Being single is spoken as if if’s a condition to be avoided like a plague, so in this episode we’ll answer the question…

Sucka Free Love

Sucka Free Love

Don’t you wish you could just avoid dating the Dumb, Deceitful, Dastardly, Dysfunctional, and Deranged men and women out there?

Money over Bitches

Money over Bitches

Is the black man’s obsession with “money over bitches” and a lifestyle that glorifies the street life hinder their relationships with women?