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The Deficit of Relationships

Why do we measure our life and relationships by what we don’t have instead of what we do have? Does the pursuit of “perfection” get in the way of you enjoying the “good”?

More than just a nut

When it comes to sex and relationships, there is a general school of thought that you should not leave and otherwise good relationship just because you aren’t being sexually satisfied, and there are a lot of others things in a relationship that should be more important than good sex. While that sounds good in theory, what should you do when sex is an important part of your relationship identity?

Ride or Die

What is a ride or die chic? Do men even want this type of chic or is this something reserved for videos and street fantasies?

Power of P.U.$.$.Y

Power of Pussy

What is it about that warm, wet, tight space between a woman’s legs that will cause men to lose their minds and do all types of foolish things? There are some that will lie… cheat… spend their money… ruin their families and otherwise good relationships… all in the pursuit of the snappy, nappy dugout.

Love is Blind… Should It Also Be Color Blind

Interracial Relationships

In this day and age of online dating, a black president, and all of the other strides we have made into becoming an integrated society, is there still a major stigma attached to having “jungle fever”?