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Before You Play

Foreplay, it’s what you do before you play. Well, at least that’s how it should go but we all know that’s not the case sometimes. Before you play take a few of these tidbits to go and hit me in the morning. What’s your favorite foreplay trick?

The Gamut of Emotions

Let’s run the gamut of the emotions sex brings. So many things come to mind: The difference between newlywed sex and sex with a new partner. The conflicting emotions of awkwardness and comfort that each one brings respectively. Or the conflicting anger of revenge and cheating sex. They seem to all go hand in hand.

You’re not doing it right..

Are you putting it down in the bed? How could you tell? You’re not doing it right unless your back looks like you called Wolverine a sissy. Among other things here are some sure-fire ways to know you laid it down in bed. Try one tonight with your partner!

Face Value

Of all things your partner could say to you there are many things you should take serious. But then again there are many things you should ignore and not take at face value. Here is a couple to wrap your mind around, it’s geared for the fellas. But I’m sure it apply to the ladies too.

Sexual Wiki..

Did you know The Ramses brand condom is named after the great Pharaoh Ramses II who fathered over 160 children? There are many fun sexual facts that you may or may not know of. Here are a few to wrap your mind around..