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The NBA of “Dudes”

To commemorate NBA All-Star Weekend, I’m going to compare the categories of the different type of men to current NBA All-stars.

Sexual Tension

A male reader is puzzled… How can he and his girl get it on like rabbits… then out of the blue have a spell when they hardly sleep together… and when they do he’s told he’s wasting her time because he is delaying his orgasm. What is a man to think?


Physical intimacy with one’s partner is an important fact of one’s life and the concept of physical intimacy is as old as human existence. The quest for intense physical intimacy with one’s partner has been sought after throughout the ages and has given birth to various concepts about the same.


Oysters and chocolate: What do they have in common? They’re both known for stirring up the libido, but what are some other causes? What motivates you in the bedroom?

Setting the tone..

Why is it important to keep your sexual cards to the chest? So you can hit her the “Melvin” later, that’s why. An unexpected storm is always harder to prepare for than the predictable rain.