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The magic number isn’t 69

A common question women have when dating is how long should she wait before having sex with a guy? Some “experts” say 90 days… others say 10 dates… others say a few weeks. How do you know when the time is right?

More than just a nut

When it comes to sex and relationships, there is a general school of thought that you should not leave and otherwise good relationship just because you aren’t being sexually satisfied, and there are a lot of others things in a relationship that should be more important than good sex. While that sounds good in theory, what should you do when sex is an important part of your relationship identity?

Sweet and “low”

I am dating the sweetest guy. He is a wonderful boyfriend and an even better friend. He has all positive qualities BUT I just found out he has a very low sex drive. Can it work?

Dear Juicy

Ladies, have you ever had a conversation with your “girlfriend”? Here’s one lady’s conversation with hers.

Dear Dick

Have you ever had a conversation with your “man”? Here’s one man’s conversation with himself.