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Stuck In A Rut

How much damage does stresses and complacency place on our personal relationships? With our burdens becoming heavier by the day, what’s the best way to reclaim your happiness. It may take more than a vacation to Vegas to do it. How would you get out of the rut?

Romance Without Finance

How do you avoid becoming a financial statistic? You know, the ones you hear about divorcing due to money issues. Considering how high the divorce rate is in the U.S., what about avoiding money problems before you marry?

Hollywood Whitewash?

Does Hollywood have a habit of whitewashing black characters in film? Black people come in all forms and all shades of brown but film producers seem to indulge in the lighter side by default. Race…the elephant in the room who won’t leave.

The Act of Forgiveness….

While we know forgiveness is liberating we all know that it is difficult when we are in pain and our pain goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

Losing Yourself

In the course of a relationship if you give too much of yourself to a partner, it’s easy to lose yourself. You’ve met the friend who got so wrapped up in a man, that she disses her own kids. Let’s face it, people get lost sometimes. How can you find your way back if you do?