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Giving Thanks

This holiday season will you be the cliche consumer or lend a hand? An important question to consider: Why is that “Black Friday” is the only day in the season where “Black” is considered a good thing?

Surviving The Holidays

Tis the season TRP and many of you will be tasked with escorting your partner to their families home for Thanksgiving dinner. Can you survive this day with your relationship intact? How? No need to reinvent the wheel, just stick to the timeless tricks.

The Eyes Of A Child

Kids live life like it’s golden, need proof? Watch how your kids or kids in your family react to serious matters. Talk about don’t worry be happy? The eyes of a child sees the world thru a different lens than the cyncial lens adults do. It’s something to marvel at and they can teach us a thing or two. The

Parenting….Lord have mercy.

Let’s just be real, shall we?  Parenting is not for punks. It was only when I became a parent that I understood the hardships of my parents. When we become parents that is when we realize that it is not a matter of how much we will %$#@ up our children…it is a matter of…

Our Daughters

Are we conscious of the way our daughters are being raised? Who wants to take on the complex issue of raising little girls to be women? Don’t worry, I’ll wait…