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Helping you cry

Kids say the darnest things and they were asked what does love mean to them. Here are their responses.

Timing IS Everything

A father would like advice on what to say to his little girl to help her understand divorce and answers to the questions “Daddy do you still love my Mommy? Do you still love daddy, mommy?”

Don’t be a bad daddy

Dealing with parental responsibilities along with everything else that comes with life can be a challenge. Before you take out your frustrations on your children, here are a couple suggestions to help provide balance.

The Birds And The Bees

How did you first learn about sex and how babies were made? Was it that embarrassing talk you had with your dad? Or was it via the stern warnings from mom? Why you should have a talk with your kids about the birds and bees.

Honor Thy Father

How can we complain about the lack of men being around when we can’t even acknowledge the ones who are? We have to learn to celebrate our successes as much as we discuss our failures. It’s only fair…