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Answers to reader relationship challenges. Email yours to: deartrp(at)relationshipplaybook(dot)com

I want my Mommy!

What do you do when you have limited time and the person you’re dating wants all of your attention?

Tread Carefully

A fan is faced with the perilous choice of pursuing a romantic interest while maintaining her professionalism. Workplace flings are filled with landmines, how would you navigate them? Is there a wrong or right way to pursue it?

Getting down to the roots

A few months ago a fan was concerned about what her partner’s reaction would be if she took off her wigs and showed him her lack of hair underneath. She took your advice – here’s her latest update.

Getting Ahead of Ourselves….

Fan Response: I met this guy at church and I instantly was attracted to him. He was very quiet and shy toward me. He just stared all the time and kept working. I played the friendly role (regular conversation, joking) for a while and then I looked him up on facebook and found his name….

Uncomfortable Conversations…..With the Mirror.

Often, we must get REAL about our relationships. We must decide what we want, with no regard to anyone else; make a decision; and act accordingly.