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You’re either married or you’re married

Affair with married man

A reader would like advice on whether or not she should continue seeing this “wonderful” man that has been patient and understanding of her situation. The “situation” is that he is married and she is still living with her ex-husband.

Ending the Cycle of Hurt

End the cycle of hurt

How does the man who has been hurt turn that negative into a positive? Some guys and ladies will take the hurt and maybe unconsciously hurt others. When does that end or what transpires for the guy to end it?

The Past Pains that Paralyze

Men Emotional Baggage

Question for the Men: What does it take for you all to get over past relationship pains (i.e she cheated, she broke your trust, etc)?

No Strings Attached

If two people have an agreement to be friends with benefits, why would someone catch feelings? Is it OK to still want to continue having sex with the person knowing you do not want the same thing from them?

She Said, He Believes

A reader would like to know how should she handle the dilemma of her “ex” believing another woman’s lies over her truth. Should she approach the woman about the situation or let it go?