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Old Man Repellent

A young woman would like to know how can she keep older men from hitting on her.

Am I devoted to my husband or my marriage

I am a 35 yr. old woman who has been married for 7 yrs. I have a beautiful life, a great career, a loving husband and wonderful children. I’ve been told that I come close to having an “almost perfect life”, as it might appear to the naked eye. There is one big problem though-my husband is a serial cheater…

The Crying Game

While most people who know me, including men I have been involved with, consider me caring, supportive and all other goodies, there is one thing that leaves cold and indifferent (actually annoyed!): seeing a man crying AFTER the relationships ends…

Sweet and “low”

I am dating the sweetest guy. He is a wonderful boyfriend and an even better friend. He has all positive qualities BUT I just found out he has a very low sex drive. Can it work?

Do you like me

There’s this chick that I’ve been talking to off and on for two years. She’s 8yrs older than me. When we started talking she was in a rocky relationship with her girlfriend of 2yrs. We still talked everyday… How do I get her to tell me how she feels?