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In Defense of Cougars

They Bite. They Claw. They Play Rough. But beneath this tough exterior lies a specimen perfected by evolution to reach peak libido as a last shot at reproduction.

The “Pre-Date”

Dating is not supposed to involve intense research and preparation. It’s supposed to be a fairly easy process, and it should even be enjoyable. So why are people having trouble even getting to the point of the first date? How do you handle “pre-dating” if there is such a thing.

National Jump Off Day

So when is the official “Jump Off Day”, or whatever you’d call it? Depending on who you speak to, it’s either the day before or the day after Valentines Day. My vote is the latter, but what’s the most important thing to remember for us single folks? There is nothing wrong at all with being single!

The Age Gap

Does dating get any easier once you’re past that 25+ hump? I used to think as we got older, and presumably wiser things would be easier right? Besides, with wisdom comes maturity and a host of other advantages. At least that’s what conventional wisdom tells us. Today’s dating scene is nothing but conventional however.

No Strings Attached

If two people have an agreement to be friends with benefits, why would someone catch feelings? Is it OK to still want to continue having sex with the person knowing you do not want the same thing from them?