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Distracted Love

What keeps us distracted the most in relationships and dating? Is it our families or social media? There’s many things out there designed to make us lose focus, but what can you do to avoid it?

The Dating Puzzle

There will come a time where you’ll be forced to pick up the pieces and “keep it moving.” But when it comes are you prepared to handle it? You’ll need a lot of strength and a lot of patience with yourself. It’s in these times you’ll realize exactly how resilient you are.

5 Reasons We Are Not Getting Tested

The importance of getting tested for HIV is nothing new. We all know that knowing your status can help prevent the spread of the disease and, if positive, know your status early can help you lead a long, healthy life. African Americans face the most severe burden of HIV and AIDS of any racial/ethnic group in the nation, accounting for almost half of all new infections in the U.S. each year.

5 Tips on How To Text Her

That smartphone holds a lot of power. It can be a deal-making — or on the flip side, deal-breaking — dating tool. Daters know that the smartphone plays heavily in determining whether or not this courtship will progress into a budding romance and solid relationship or fizzle out into another failed rendezvous.

6 First Date Tips

On a first date, nerves are high and both partners are left guess working their way through sensitive territory. It is unusual for a first date to be perfect, but there are a few tips that help you avoid an absolute disaster with no hope of salvaging it. Take heed, and date on!