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Mixed Signals

All is fair in love and war right?? What happens when a reader is confronted with the aspect of being exclusive with someone who is exclusively single.

The NBA of “Dudes”

To commemorate NBA All-Star Weekend, I’m going to compare the categories of the different type of men to current NBA All-stars.

Tired of Being Tired

What do you do when you are tired of being hurt, but you are also tired of being alone? Is it possible for your head to forget long enough so that your heart can be opened up to love again?

The Break

What do you consider to be a “break” in a relationship? The end of merely giving each other space? Better yet, is there any chance of coming back from one?

Ending the Cycle of Hurt

End the cycle of hurt

How does the man who has been hurt turn that negative into a positive? Some guys and ladies will take the hurt and maybe unconsciously hurt others. When does that end or what transpires for the guy to end it?