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Put some RESPECK on movies

When it comes to dates, nothing has stood the test of time like, “dinner and a movie”. As long as new movies keep coming out, dinner and a movie will always be an option – but it can also be boring. How do you upgrade the theater experience?

Date night in a box

One of the challenges couples have with planning date night is coming up with ideas on what to do. Creating a date night in a box is a great idea to help deal with the indecision.

Painting the nite away

What is the point on going out on a date if neither you or your date can’t put down your phone and enjoy each other? Are you supposed to be enjoying each other or enjoying your social media feeds?! Paint Nite gives you the chance to put down your phones and pick up a paint brush.

Planning Date Night

Continuing to date each other while you’re in a relationship is an important part of keeping the fire burning in your relationship; however, planning and keeping them interesting can be a challenge…

The magic number isn’t 69

A common question women have when dating is how long should she wait before having sex with a guy? Some “experts” say 90 days… others say 10 dates… others say a few weeks. How do you know when the time is right?