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You’re not doing it right..

Are you putting it down in the bed? How could you tell? You’re not doing it right unless your back looks like you called Wolverine a sissy. Among other things here are some sure-fire ways to know you laid it down in bed. Try one tonight with your partner!

The Pride Before the Fall…….

Recently, I read an article in Essence magazine in which a woman acknowledged that she and her married friends were nasty to their single friends by practicing three behaviors: They retaliated against single friends, who assumed that the married couples wanted some time together, by excluding them in activities. (The Ol’ Tit for Tat) ¬†They…

Face Value

Of all things your partner could say to you there are many things you should take serious. But then again there are many things you should ignore and not take at face value. Here is a couple to wrap your mind around, it’s geared for the fellas. But I’m sure it apply to the ladies too.

Dueling Personalities

Can Introverts and Extroverts survive in relationships?


In certain aspects of dating it appears that women can fly under the radar more often than men. Is that fair?