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I want my Mommy!

What do you do when you have limited time and the person you’re dating wants all of your attention?

The Shallow End

T&A is not always the best formula to find a good mate. Intelligence, intuition, and common sense need to make their way back into the formula at some point. It’s time to get out of the shallow end of the pool and into the deep end. This is easier said than done of course, so how would you do it?

Game Over. But Try Again?

He played with her before and she says she doesn’t have time for the games, yet she’s confused about what to do when he tries to play them again…

The Gamut of Emotions

Let’s run the gamut of the emotions sex brings. So many things come to mind: The difference between newlywed sex and sex with a new partner. The conflicting emotions of awkwardness and comfort that each one brings respectively. Or the conflicting anger of revenge and cheating sex. They seem to all go hand in hand.

The Silent Partner

So you’ve got a friend who likes to creep on their spouse or partner, and they love to confide in you about it. How do you handle keeping this secret hidden in the face of guilt every time you see their partner? It’s possible you’re their “Slient Partner” in their indiscretions, but there is a way to avoid this…