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Old Man Repellent

A young woman would like to know how can she keep older men from hitting on her.

10 Golden rules for starting a new relationship

It is both exciting and confusing when starting a new relationship. You become anxious when you try to excite your new partner and also you try to be conscious not to ruin the whole thing before it starts by doing the right thing.

Do women like men?

Do you think that women really like, love, and appreciate men or do they really just view them as a means to an end?

The Crying Game

While most people who know me, including men I have been involved with, consider me caring, supportive and all other goodies, there is one thing that leaves cold and indifferent (actually annoyed!): seeing a man crying AFTER the relationships ends…


When it comes to summer romantic dates, very few simple dates can compare to the picnic at the park or a night under the stars. You get to enjoy each other’s company while enjoying the beauty of nature. But the date isn’t perfect…