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My life is dedicated to educating and empowering others to make healthy relationship choices. I write about, and answer questions about relationships in my never-ending quest to help people stay in love long after they've fallen in love.

Hard Rock Life Getaway

For our 5th Annual Summer Getaway, TRP is leaving the cruise ships behind and spending an all-inclusive weekend at the Hard Rock in the Dominican Republic, July 25 – 28, 2014. It will be an experience that you do not want to miss.

You’re either married or you’re married

Affair with married man

A reader would like advice on whether or not she should continue seeing this “wonderful” man that has been patient and understanding of her situation. The “situation” is that he is married and she is still living with her ex-husband.

Ending the Cycle of Hurt

End the cycle of hurt

How does the man who has been hurt turn that negative into a positive? Some guys and ladies will take the hurt and maybe unconsciously hurt others. When does that end or what transpires for the guy to end it?

Create a Bedroom Staged for Cuddling

Love may conquer all, but it doesn’t hurt to stack the odds in your favor. Encourage that special someone to throw caution to the wind by inviting him into the sanctuary of a bedroom that’s warm, dimly lit, and full of cozy corners for snuggling.


Physical intimacy with one’s partner is an important fact of one’s life and the concept of physical intimacy is as old as human existence. The quest for intense physical intimacy with one’s partner has been sought after throughout the ages and has given birth to various concepts about the same.