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My life is dedicated to educating and empowering others to make healthy relationship choices. I write about, and answer questions about relationships in my never-ending quest to help people stay in love long after they've fallen in love.

Toxic Relationships

Toxic Relationships

Robert “The Love Doc” Frazier, is going to diagnose, prescribe treatment, and put you on the road to recovery from your unhealthy relationships.

Good Men – Too many or not enough?

Shortage of good men

Is there really a shortage of good men or are there too many?

The Color of Love

Interracial Relationships

In this day and age, does race still matter in relationships

Sex and Marriage

Sex and Marriage

Most believe that sex and marriage go hand-in-hand -then why do many married couples have unsatisfying sex lives?

Maybe It’s You

Maybe It's You

What does everyone you’ve dated have in common? You! So maybe they aren’t the problem, you are.