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My life is dedicated to educating and empowering others to make healthy relationship choices. I write about, and answer questions about relationships in my never-ending quest to help people stay in love long after they've fallen in love.

Over 30 and Single

If you’re single and over 30, here are some tips to help make you more attractive to men.

10 Ways To Get Her to Dump You

Do you want to break-up, but can’t do it? Here are 10 ways to get her to do it for you.

Do Females Cheat Too?

Females talk about how males cheat so much. Do females cheat as well?

Fantastic Fellatio

Fellatio is a great way of bringing touch, taste, and smell into the bedroom

Running Away From Home

Run away from home

Instead of staying “home” to what’s comfortable – sometimes you need to just run away from home