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My life is dedicated to educating and empowering others to make healthy relationship choices. I write about, and answer questions about relationships in my never-ending quest to help people stay in love long after they've fallen in love.

Early Planning For Your Proposal

Engagement Ring

When it comes to planning a proposal, most people think first about two very important things: when to pop the question, and how to word it. Here are a few other things you’ll have to think about as you approach the major milestone of engagement.

From Wedding Aisle to Laundry Pile: Continue to Connect After You Say ‘I Do’

Just because the honeymoon phase is over doesn’t mean you should give up on romance. It’s not all wedding cake eating and carefree partying after the wedding, so connect with the one you love after you say “I Do.”

5 Tips on How To Text Her

That smartphone holds a lot of power. It can be a deal-making — or on the flip side, deal-breaking — dating tool. Daters know that the smartphone plays heavily in determining whether or not this courtship will progress into a budding romance and solid relationship or fizzle out into another failed rendezvous.

6 First Date Tips

On a first date, nerves are high and both partners are left guess working their way through sensitive territory. It is unusual for a first date to be perfect, but there are a few tips that help you avoid an absolute disaster with no hope of salvaging it. Take heed, and date on!

Third Date Cassanova

There’s no simple formula for getting a girl to like you, but most people share some similar traits — compliments of human nature — that can help you navigate the waters of dating. From learning from her signals to knowing what’s right for both of you, you explore and finesse your Casanova side.