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My life is dedicated to educating and empowering others to make healthy relationship choices. I write about, and answer questions about relationships in my never-ending quest to help people stay in love long after they've fallen in love.

Moving in together? Read this first.

Cohabitation is not a leap you should take lightly, so before you start scouring the apartments for rent section, packing up those boxes and settling under one roof together, give some serious thought to what it means to live with someone.

5 Reasons Couples with Pets Are More Likely to Stay Together

If you’re on the fence about getting a pet with your significant other, consider the effects on your relationship longevity. According to the U.K.’s Marriage Foundation, a joint pet is a better indicator that a relationship will last than a child…

Dumb Mistakes People Make Online When Dating

Nothing is sacred in the world of dating. Every photo, text message, IM and voicemail you send to your sweetheart is potential ammunition for revenge or humiliation if and when you break his or her heart.

Dating Fashion Advice

While dressing for success may seem easy enough, getting ready for a date can be a nightmare for some single ladies. Your goal is to look presentable, modest and stylish, without overdoing it. Use these savvy dating fashion tips and dress to impress on your next date.

Thinking about money

Most people don’t understand how money works beyond the childish need for instant gratification or their emotional connection to money, so here are 5 things to keep in mind about money.