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A modern day gentleman who loves to explore all aspects of relationships and discuss problems this new generation faces in love. Born and raised in the Bay Area, well traveled and cultured. Single Dad, tech connoisseur and news junkie. Drop a line if there is something you'd like discussed!

Face Value

Of all things your partner could say to you there are many things you should take serious. But then again there are many things you should ignore and not take at face value. Here is a couple to wrap your mind around, it’s geared for the fellas. But I’m sure it apply to the ladies too.

What’s In A Title?

How important is having a title to you? Some consider it a non negotiable thing, but what exactly does it provide? There are several ways to get assurance in your relationship. You can do them with or without the title, find out how.

Sexual Wiki..

Did you know The Ramses brand condom is named after the great Pharaoh Ramses II who fathered over 160 children? There are many fun sexual facts that you may or may not know of. Here are a few to wrap your mind around..

Losing Yourself

In the course of a relationship if you give too much of yourself to a partner, it’s easy to lose yourself. You’ve met the friend who got so wrapped up in a man, that she disses her own kids. Let’s face it, people get lost sometimes. How can you find your way back if you do?

Generation Me

Can we learn to take the focus off ourselves and learn to take an interest in others?