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A modern day gentleman who loves to explore all aspects of relationships and discuss problems this new generation faces in love. Born and raised in the Bay Area, well traveled and cultured. Single Dad, tech connoisseur and news junkie. Drop a line if there is something you'd like discussed!

Online Drama

How many times do you see Facebook drama light up on your newsfeed? Are you guilty of indulging in it? There are quite a few reasons to avoid using Facebook to vent.

Loose Screws

Everybody has dealt with a stage 5 clinger of some sort. Some by accident, most by their own fault. Leading folks on will get you caught up in a heap of trouble. Even worse your scenario will be if you continue to feed the problem. What’s the best way to avoid it?

The Choice Is Yours

What’s the difference between someone who “refuses” to date someone like them, and someone who “chooses” to date someone not like them? Self-hate and preferences, how they interact with each other is a hotly debated issue.

Honor Thy Father

How can we complain about the lack of men being around when we can’t even acknowledge the ones who are? We have to learn to celebrate our successes as much as we discuss our failures. It’s only fair…

In the bed

When you put her to bed, keep in mind what you can deal with and what you can’t do without. It will save you a lot of headaches the morning after.