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A modern day gentleman who loves to explore all aspects of relationships and discuss problems this new generation faces in love. Born and raised in the Bay Area, well traveled and cultured. Single Dad, tech connoisseur and news junkie. Drop a line if there is something you'd like discussed!

The Power of the Pole

Dick runs the car not pussy!-Mike Epps– Was Mike Epps right? Who gets the most whipped? Is it the ladies?

In The Name Of Love

A day filled with love suggestions.. What are yours?

Sex Q&A

The Q&A session with the senor love doctor is in. Well, maybe not…..join us today for Sex Q&A

Perception vs. Reality

Is ignorance bliss? Or is perception reality? Both are good questions and play a role in our relationships.

Word on The Sheets

Word on the streets about the word in the sheets….