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A modern day gentleman who loves to explore all aspects of relationships and discuss problems this new generation faces in love. Born and raised in the Bay Area, well traveled and cultured. Single Dad, tech connoisseur and news junkie. Drop a line if there is something you'd like discussed!

Are You Ready?..

Are people really ready to settle down and get married? What are some important things to consider about settling down? There is no way to cover them all. Here’s a few…

Distorted Reality

Has the Southern Belle mystique been killed off by so called Reality TV? Has Atlanta lost it’s status as a black man’s heaven in regards to its women?

Our Daughters

Are we conscious of the way our daughters are being raised? Who wants to take on the complex issue of raising little girls to be women? Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

The Ho Phase

Do some women go thru a wild phase?

Check Yourself

When’s the last time you “cleaned house?”