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A modern day gentleman who loves to explore all aspects of relationships and discuss problems this new generation faces in love. Born and raised in the Bay Area, well traveled and cultured. Single Dad, tech connoisseur and news junkie. Drop a line if there is something you'd like discussed!

Dueling Personalities

Can Introverts and Extroverts survive in relationships?

3 Habits Of Power Couples

What defines a power couple? Do you think it’s fame? How about a couple taking charge of their financial lives?


In certain aspects of dating it appears that women can fly under the radar more often than men. Is that fair?

Hold The Tip

Discover ways to save time and money, all while maintaining your gentleman status. (Yes, it’s possible!) Find out how inside…

Tough Choices

A fan is torn apart by a smothering boyfriend and an old flame who has reentered her heart. What should she do?