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Ride or Die: The Guidelines….

The idea of being a “Ride or Die” chick sounds all good…until you begin to ask what exactly are the parameters, rules, policies, regulations and procedures that govern the “Ride or Die.”

Picking Your Battles….Wisely.

Conflict is a natural part of life. We will have disagreements with our loved ones, but the fact remains we don’t always have to get our spirits vexed

Misery Doesn’t Always Love Company…It Just Doesn’t Know What the Hell It is Talking About!

I find myself writing yet one more time on relationship advice….why?  Because there is nearly an information overload of relationship experts who are going to tell you what you and your boo ought to be doing to “make it work.”  From Oprah to Steve Harvey to Dr. Phil to the Venus/Mars Dude and  Big Momma’n’em….

Make It Last Forever…..

I have a confession to make….back in the day I loved me some Keith Sweat’s Make It Last Forever. I still throw my hand up in the air like my mom and aunties when the song comes up on the play list–along with the customary “That’s my song.”  Not only is the song the bomb,…

Don’t Believe the Hype….Busting Relationship Myths

This is not going to be a long communication. There is really no need. I am only coming to bring you good news….good news about relationships. Let me start by saying, forget what you have heard and will continue to hear about relationships.  It is all mostly, based on urban legends, old wives tales, mythology,…